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Optimize your health and wellness journey with an Annual Health Assessment, featuring personalized diagnostic tests depending on your age, sex and health status. It goes deeper and broader than your average yearly physical to paint a detailed picture of your current health and determine if future risks at earlier stages to help you effectively manage and reverse illness.


What to Expect

A Health & Wellness Deep-Dive

Receive a head-to-toe evaluation by a range over the course of several hours.
Your experience includes a private one-on-one consultation with our nurse practitioner—one of the most valuable aspects of our Annual Health Assessment. Together you’ll review your results to determine which areas of your health can be improved upon through lifestyle changes, and which may require further medical attention.
Should any health concerns arise during your assessment, we’ll either book an appointment for you with a specialist or refer you to a preferred specialist in your community. If your nurse practitioner recommends it, we can also connect you to respected health experts at top healthcare centres following your assessment.

Screenings & Tests

Physical Exam & Vital Signs

An in-depth exam and consultation allow you to discuss any concerns you may have.

A vaccination review is conducted to assess your immunization history and identify any gaps.

Full Panel Blood & Urine Testing

Checks for a broad range of indicators for heart disease, diabetes, and kidney, liver & thyroid function.

For your convenience and peace of mind, test results are reviewed the same day with the nurse practitioner.

Cardiovascular Health

A 12-Lead ECG checks heart function in those aged 35 and older.

A cardiopulmonary fitness test measures how well oxygen is being transported in your body.

Ankle Brachial Index checks for hardening and narrowing of peripheral arteries.


A muscle and joint assessment tests functional movement, risk of injury, and aspects of strength and flexibility.


Customize your nutrition consultation with our nurse practitioner by selecting from a menu of nutrition and diet topics, including (but not limited to): Nutrition for Brain Health, Plant-Based Eating, Protein Nutrition and Women’s Health.

Our Nurse Practitioner will provide advice based on your personal interests and goals.

Social & Mental Well-Being

Meet with our Nurse Practitioner to assess your cognitive health through evidence based assessments.

Afterwards, you’ll discuss your current social and mental wellness, as well as steps you can take to improve your physical health during a 45-minute consultation.


We are a professional fee-for-service healthcare practice.

Fees are payable at the time of the visit by credit card, email transfer or cheque.

Our fees may be covered under your insurance plan. We recommend calling your insurance provider and inquiring directly.

Full physical exam – includes review/ordering of screening tests (30-45 min).

Episodic Visit (15 min).

Prescription renewals after initial visit.

Form completion:
• Drivers Medical Forms
• Sick note
• 1-page forms
• Disability forms

Cannabis Consultation and Prescription

Cervical Cancer Screening (pap smear), STI testing

Urine testing for UTI, pregnancy

Lab draw/Venipuncture

Referrals to specialists

Home visit for medical care


Based out of The Blue Mountains Community Health Center.

78 King Street East, Thornbury, N0H 2P0


Based out of The Blue Mountains Community Health Center

78 King Street East, Thornbury, N0H 2P0

Hours of Operation

Monday 5.00-8.00 pm
Tuesday 5.00 – 8.00 pm
Thursday 5.00-7.00 pm
Saturday – 10.00-3.00 pm

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