Effectively Manage Stress 

Tis the season to be jolly’ but jolly is the last thing many of us feel with overspending, cooking, cleaning, endless ‘to do’ lists and visitors we could do without. Try to keep a sense of humour and a positive perspective. Although connecting with others is great for our health, spending 10 minutes a day to pamper yourself or just be on your own simply enjoying being rather than doing, is also vitally important. Scheduling 10 minutes for yourself every day will reduce the festive frictions as well as giving your adrenal glands a much-needed break.

Top Tip: Box breathing – breath in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, breath out for 4 seconds, hold for 4 seconds, then repeat up to 10 times. Give it a go and experience its calming effects!

Stay Hydrated 

Mulled wines, festive cocktails, binge drinking and even too much tea and coffee are enough to cause chronic dehydration. Set yourself up for success by getting into the habit of drinking a glass of water when you wake up every morning before doing anything else! Whilst drinking alcohol – set reminders to drink water between alcoholic drinks – one water one wine – and make sure you drink plenty of water before you go to bed! 

Top Tip: If the thought of cold water on a winter’s morning freezes you to the core, then warm it up, add a slice of lemon or try herbal teas! Just be sure to start your day with water before that Advent Calendar door opens!

Get Outside to Experience the Magic

Thousands of studies have been carried out on the benefits of being in touch with nature; from reducing depression and anxiety to lowering blood pressure. You don’t need mountains or woods to reap the benefits of the great outdoors. Find parks, green spaces or even your garden, wrap up warm, throw on warm footwear and encourage outdoor exercise and play!

Top Tip: Go for long walks with the family, a friend, your dog or simply on your own. Soak up the beauty of nature and notice how calm you feel.

Give your Digestive System a Holiday too!

No-one likes to be overworked at Christmas, so don’t force your digestive system to work back-to-back shifts either! This is especially relevant if you eat lots of processed foods, drink alcohol or consume too much sugar. These are the worst offenders for cell damage. Our digestive system can only regenerate cells and repair damage when we are in a fasted state. Therefore, giving your body a 12-hour break will reduce the amount of damage that takes place as well as increasing the amount of time the digestive system has to repair itself.

Top Tip: Plan ahead! If you know you’re going to be eating more than usual and maybe eating dinner late, start the morning with water and herbal teas, and if you really want to charge your system, exercise before breakfast!

Do Something for Others

Give more than you ever expect to receive. I’m not talking about presents and I’m definitely not talking about money. In my opinion, the most valuable thing anyone can ever give – is their time. Doing something for a friend, helping a stranger, volunteering, making a present, completing random acts of kindness or simply taking the time to genuinely thank someone will strengthen relationships and create experiences that material gifts can’t even get close to. Happiness is a choice. It is the best gift you can give others because it’s contagious!
We believe that Christmas wellbeing is achievable and is enjoyable! Stick to our Christmas wellbeing tips and you are sure to go into the New Year feeling good!

Melody Fox


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